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RedBeanPHP is an easy to use ORM for PHP. It's a Zero Config ORM lib that 'automagically' builds your database schema.


: RedBeanPHP 5.2 Beta NEW BETA RELEASE 5.2!
: RedBeanPHP 5.1 (Easter Edition)
: RedBeanPHP 5 (Halloween Edition)
: RedBeanPHP 4.3.4
: RedBeanPHP 4.3.3
: RedBeanPHP 4.3.2
: RedBeanPHP 4.3.1
: RedBeanPHP 4.3
: RedBeanPHP 4.2.5

Code Example

This is how you do CRUD in RedBeanPHP:

    require 'rb.php';
R::setAutoResolveTRUE ); //optional
$post R::dispense'post' );
$post->text 'Hello World';

$id R::store$post ); //create or update
$post R::load'post'$id ); //retrieve
R::trash$post ); //delete

This automatically generates the database, tables and columns... on-the-fly. It infers relations based on naming conventions. RedBeanPHP is written by BDFL Gabor de Mooij and the RedBeanPHP community.

Zero Config

No verbose XML files, no annoying annotations, no YAML or INI. Zero Config. Just start coding.

Fluid Schema

During development, RedBeanPHP will adapt the database schema to fit your needs, giving you the NoSQL experience. When deploying to production servers, you can freeze the schema and benefit from performance gains and referential integrity.
RedBeanPHP offers the best of both worlds!


RedBeanPHP features: auto-discovery of models, deep copying and smart import.
Write less, do more!


RedBeanPHP strives to support all ALL Free, Open Source databases.
Currently, RedBeanPHP supports: MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, CUBRID and Firebird/Interbase***. RedBeanPHP supports PHP version 5.2*, 5.3.0-5.3.2**, 5.3.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1,7.2 and HHVM. We take backward compatibility very serious!
*=partial (according to community)
**=requires patch

Quality Software

The library has been created in 2009 and is now considered quite mature. No major bugs have been found since 2013 and only minor features have been added in recent years. The code base is being tested with every change, there are over 18000 unit tests for PHP 5.3-7.2 and all supported databases. The project is actively maintained and we take backward compatibility very serious. The code is well-documented.


Download the easy-to-use one-in-all package, one single file containing the entire RedBeanPHP library! No composer, no auto-loaders, no configuration, just download and run! Go to the download page and download to latest version of RedBeanPHP!

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