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RedBeanPHP supports self-referential relationships. In RedBeanPHP terminology, these are called trees. Here is an example, let's decorate a christmas tree with some candy canes:

    $cane R::dispense('cane',10);
$cane[1]->ownCane = [ $cane[2], $cane[9] ];
$cane[2]->ownCane = [ $cane[3], $cane[4] ];
$cane[4]->ownCane = [( $cane[5],
$cane[7], $cane[8] ];
$cane[5]->ownCane = [ $cane[6] ];
$id R::store$cane[1] );
$root R::load'cane'$id );

//outputs: 6

Trees are just a special case of lists, you use a list with the same name as the parent type. In the example script above, a cane has an ownCaneList. Another example: page->ownPageList. As you can see in the example above you can navigate the lists using the IDs.


Instead of manually looping through each own-list of a bean you can use the traverse() method:

    $page->traverse'ownPage', function( $page ) {
    } );

This allows you to recursively apply a function to a list. To limit the results when accessing a list you can use the with/withCondition() method:

    $page->with' LIMIT 10 ')->traverse( ... );
$page->withCondition'  rating > ? ', [ ] )->traverse( ... );

You can also use withCondition and alias together with the traverse function.

Use the third parameter to specify the maximum depth:

    $page->traverse'ownPage'$func); //max 3 levels

Use the PHP use statement to import variables into the function scope:

    $task->traverse'ownTask', function( $task ) use ( &$todos ) {
$todos[] = $task->name;
    } );

The traverse() function does not check for recursion in trees.

Traversing upwards

You can also traverse the other way around, here is a quick example:

    $page R::dispense('page');
$page->title 'chapter';
$page2 R::dispense('page');
$page2->title 'article';
$page3 R::dispense('page');
$page3->title 'text';
$page->ownPageList[] = $page2;
$page2->ownPageList[] = $page3;
$p $page3->fresh();
$p->traverse('page', function($parent) {

Importing Trees

Do you want to import a hierarchical data structure ? This can be accomplished using the R::dispense() feature.

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