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Here is a list of 3rd party plugins for RedBeanPHP, enjoy! Did you create a plugin for RedBeanPHP? Send me an e-mail and I'll probably add it to the list! Do you want to create your own plugin? Consult the Plugin Creator's Manual for details on crafting your own RedBeanPHP extension!

RedBean Model Validation

Plugin: RVP, RedBeanPHP Validation Plugin.
Author: Filisko

With this plugin you will be able to filter and validate your RedBean Model, to do that, the plugin itself uses GUMP, a standalone PHP data validation and filtering class.


Plugin: RedbeanFVM, easy validation for RedBeanPHP.
Author: r3wt

RedBeanFVM makes Filtering, Validating , and Generating RedBean Models easy, by taking your blank Model, some rules, and the data source and generating a fully constructed RedBean Model.


Plugin: ReBean, automatic revision management for RedBeanPHP.
Author: Zewa666

ReBean adds revision tables to your database and uses triggers to automatically insert revision beans.

StdErr Logger

Plugin:StdErr Logger, Logger that writes to StdErr.
Author: Zewa666

Logs queries to error log.

MySQL Backup Plugin

Plugin:MySQL Backup, Table exporter for MySQL
Author: Zewa666

Backups all tables in a MySQL database to a file. Only works for MySQL.

German Porter Stemmer Plugin

Plugin:German Porter Stemmer Plugin, a tool to improve search results in German language.
Author: Zewa666

A linguistic extension to improve search results for German language.

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