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R::duplicate() makes a deep copy of a bean properly and without storing the bean. All beans in own-lists will be duplicated recursively. All references to shared beans will be copied but not the shared beans themselves. All references to parent objects (_id fields) will be copied but not the parents themselves. The bean will not be stored so you have the chance to modify it before saving. Usage:

    //entire bean hierarchy
$book->sharedReader[] = $reader;
$book->ownPage[] = $page;
$duplicated R::duplicate$book ); //R::dup in RB4.0 and earlier
    //..change something...
$duplicated->name 'copy!';
//..then store...
R::store$duplicated );

As of RedBeanPHP 4, the R::duplicate() method also duplicates trees, in earlier versions the duplication manager skipped tree lists ($page->ownPage). Note that duplication/export won't work for aliased beans.

ID mappings

Curious about the old IDs of the beans that have been duplicated. You can still find them in the meta properties of the copied bean:

    $myOldID $book->getMeta'sys.old-id' );


Both dup() and exportAll() need to query the database schema which is slow. To speed up the process you can pass a database schema:

    R::getDuplicationManager()->setTables$schema );

To obtain the schema use:

    $schema R::getDuplicationManager()->getSchema();

You can now use this schema to feed it to setTables(). R::duplicate() and R::exportAll() both use this schema.


Don't want to duplicate every aspect of a bean? You can pass a white list of bean types to duplicate like this:

    //only duplicates the patatoes and the tomatoes...
R::duplicate'bean', ['patato''tomatos'] );

The code above only works in RedBeanPHP 4.1. In 4.0 and earlier you have to use R::dup() (see API for method signature).

As of RedBeanPHP 4.1 the R::dup() method is deprecated, use R::duplicate instead, it has a less confusing method signature.

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