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Welcome to the beta testing page. Help us test the next version of RedBeanPHP! We are currently testing RedBeanPHP 5.6 Beta 1.

RedBeanPHP 5.6 (3 September 2020, Christmas Edition)

  • Added DDL-templates (Gabor)
  • Added bean->info() and R::findFromSQL() (Gabor)
  • Added getDatabaseServerVersion() (Gabor)
  • Fix unnecessary widening when storing 1 in a MySQL TINYINT(1) column #839. (Gabor, thanks davidsickmiller)
  • Preventing RedBean from trying to call protected or private methods (Lynesth)
  • Allowing the use of __call in the model (Lynesth)
  • Allow overriding stringifyFetch with setPDO (Gabor)
  • Adjust setPDO in RPDO to avoid having pdo instance replaced (Gabor)
  • Added support for SQL Select Snippets in CTE-Queries (Gabor)
  • Added support for MySQL8 (Gabor)

New Plugin

Also checkout the new data seeding plugin: RedSeed (thanks Ben Major).

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