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Welcome to the Download page of RedBeanPHP. Here you can download various editions of RedBeanPHP.

RedBeanPHP ships as a single, all-in-one tarball, that's all you need to get started with RedBeanPHP. Simply extract the tgz file to the destination folder and include the rb.php file in your PHP script.

For a list of new features, fixes and changes in the latest version, please consult the changelog.

Did you check the system requirements?

Download RedBeanPHP 5.7.X LTS  recommended

The latest stable version of RedBeanPHP. If you're new to RedBeanPHP this is the recommended version to use.

After downloading and extracting the file and include the rb-file in your PHP script.

...also see the changelog for details!

Verify your download

Here are the sha256sum outputs of the files:

8e4059e56e51d55ec8c96b5be7a7e391d4cd9d29c333c88013796b0c66303b5c  RedBeanPHP5_7-mysql.tgz
0f9edb23a88294f6542236d16a587861c3bdc9b2cc38c267438e79d06286ec3c  RedBeanPHP5_7-postgres.tgz
47f129b408fbee6f5beff297c9f46f9cf72a4fc4a50421fc4b4b734ac2b71fd4  RedBeanPHP5_7-sqlite.tgz
0729088094a87c3ba7754241edbacf579990bbe53f95cb06256fab17f89429b0  RedBeanPHP5_7.tgz
signify key: 
untrusted comment: signify public key

Always make sure you check the sha256sum before including the file. Also make sure to check the signature!

Check RedBeanPHP Signature

Copy my public Signify-key from the above output and store it in a file called To download and check the RedBeanPHP Signature in one go, use:

$ curl -L | signify -Vz -p ./ -t arc | tar xvzf -

RedBeanPHP packages are signed using the OpenBSD Signify software (Linux version, macos version, Windows version).

If you use PHP 5.3.3 or older, run the P533 patch first. Download the P533-patch for old PHP versions.

Old versions

It's still possible to download older versions of RedBeanPHP from the RedBeanPHP Download Archives. Feel free to visit the download archives and find one of the previous versions of RedBeanPHP.

I no longer answer questions regarding RedBeanPHP 4 and older. These versions have been deprecated since January 2021.

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