OODB.php 1

Element Line Description
\RedBeanPHP\OODB::tableExists() 360 Use AQueryWriter::typeExists() instead.

Repository.php 1

Element Line Description
\RedBeanPHP\Repository::tableExists() 711 Use AQueryWriter::typeExists() instead.

QueryWriter/AQueryWriter.php 1

Element Line Description
\RedBeanPHP\QueryWriter\AQueryWriter::safeColumn() 1667 Use esc() instead.
\RedBeanPHP\QueryWriter\AQueryWriter::safeTable() 1680 Use esc() instead.

OODBBean.php 1

Element Line Description
\RedBeanPHP\OODBBean::setProperty() 1284 Sets a property of the bean allowing you to keep track of the state yourself. This method sets a property of the bean and allows you to control how the state of the bean will be affected. While there may be some circumstances where this method is needed, this method is considered to be extremely dangerous. This method is only for advanced users.

Facade.php 1

Element Line Description
\RedBeanPHP\Facade::findLast() 1082 Like find() but returns the last bean of the result array. Opposite of Finder::findLast(). If no beans are found, this method will return NULL. Please do not use this function, it is horribly ineffective. Instead use a reversed ORDER BY clause and a LIMIT 1 with R::findOne(). This function should never be used and only remains for the sake of backward compatibility.
\RedBeanPHP\Facade::dup() 1387 This function is deprecated in favour of R::duplicate(). This function has a confusing method signature, the R::duplicate() function only accepts two arguments: bean and filters.
\RedBeanPHP\Facade::setAutoResolve() 2885
\RedBeanPHP\Facade::getLook() 2994 Returns an instance of the Look Helper class. The instance will be configured with the current toolbox. In previous versions of RedBeanPHP you had to use: R::getLook()->look() instead of R::look(). However to improve useability of the library the look() function can now directly be invoked from the facade. For more details regarding the Look functionality, please consult R::look().