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News about RedBeanPHP 4

RedBeanPHP seems to have two audiences right now. One audience wants to use RedBeanPHP as an extreme RAD tool, this has been the original target audience of the library. However others see a potential for a more advanced ORM platform in RedBeanPHP. Both projects need to breathe and grow, that's why we have decided to split the project in two. As of RedBeanPHP 4 there will be two flavours of RedBeanPHP namely: RedBeanPHP 'KickStart' and RedBeanPHP 'Adaptive', note that these are just working titles for now. The 'Adaptive' edition of RedBeanPHP will focus on integration with various popular systems, agility and flexibility with the power of RedBeanPHP. This edition is meant for those of you who want to make big things with RedBeanPHP and use RedBeanPHP for large projects or integrate RedBeanPHP in existing software like content management systems. On the other hand, RedBeanPHP 'KickStart' will go the other way. This edition will focus on extreme rapid application development and prototyping, relying heavily on conventions to offer a unique works-out-of-the-box experience. Of course both editions share a certain core. To determine the exact boundaries of this core we start by exploring the differences and similarities of the two editions in the coming months. Meanwhile RedBeanPHP 3.5 LTS will be supported of course!

RedBeanPHP is actively developed by a community of open source developers. The development cyclus of RedBeanPHP consists of two releases a year; a spring release and an autumn release. This means every six months there will be a new version of RedBeanPHP.

For actual information about the upcoming (beta) release visit the beta testing pages.

April 2014: RedBeanPHP 4.0 KickStart


April 2014 (approximately): RedBeanPHP 4.0 Adaptive


For details concerning versioning guidelines of RedBeanPHP take a look at the versioning page.


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