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Plugins are an elegant way to add new functionality to RedBeanPHP. To create a plugin, create a class or function and use:

::ext'doSomething', function() { 
    } );

to add your new feature to the R-class (required PHP 5.3+ and RedBeanPHP 3.5+). For older versions of PHP use:

'MyClass''MyStaticMethod' )

Now you can use your plugin like this:


it's that easy! Here is a list of some interesting 3rd party plugins for RedBeanPHP !

Plugins for RedBeanPHP

Here is a list of 3rd party plugins for RedBeanPHP, enjoy!


Plugin: ReBean, automatic revision management for RedBeanPHP.
Author: Zewa666

ReBean adds revision tables to your database and uses triggers to automatically insert revision beans.

StdErr Logger

Plugin:StdErr Logger, Logger that writes to StdErr.
Author: Zewa666

Logs queries to error log.

MySQL Backup Plugin

Plugin:MySQL Backup, Table exporter for MySQL
Author: Zewa666

Backups all tables in a MySQL database to a file. Only works for MySQL.

German Porter Stemmer Plugin

Plugin:German Porter Stemmer Plugin, a tool to improve search results in German language.
Author: Zewa666

A linguistic extension to improve search results for German language.


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