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I don't like PHP namespaces, they have some issues. This article by 'Pornel' explains why. There are several reasons why I don't use namespaces in RedBeanPHP:

Also, I really like Poorman's namespacing. In fact, it does the same job as namespacing... with no additional syntax. I really like that. The less syntax the better.

Namespacer Script

For those of you who insist on using namespaces, I have written a small PHP script for you to dynamically put RedBeanPHP in a namespace: Namespace Script.

php space.php MyNameSpaceForBeans

The command above will put the entire RedBeanPHP library in the 'MyNameSpaceForBeans' namespace. The namespace script will put the resulting PHP code in a file called:


This filename stands for: RedBeanPHP with Namespaces. After running this script and including the freshly generated rbn.php file, you can use the namespaced RedBeanPHP version:

For instance: R::store becomes \MyNameSpaceForBeans\R::store.

Happy namespacing... ;)


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