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To install RedBeanPHP, download the RedBeanPHP All-in-one pack from the website. After unzipping you will see just one file:


This file contains everything you need to start RedBeanPHP. Just include it in your PHP script like this:

require 'rb.php';

You are now ready to use RedBeanPHP!

Installing using composer

You can install RedBeanPHP using Composer if you like. For details please read the README file on github. While installing RedBeanPHP using Composer is possible it's not the same as downloading the all-in-one pack. The all-in-one pack contains a file called rb.php which has been compiled using the Replica Build script. This means the R-class in the all-in-one pack contains some plugins that are not available in the aliased Facade Class of the composer package.
I therefore recommend to just download the all-in-one package.
The all-in-one package has been designed to be easy to install and contains a carefully selected set of plugins and writers.
While Composer is an awesome tool I don't think it offers real benefits in our case because we already have thought out the distribution process.

Installing using a framework

RedBeanPHP is a library and as such it can be integrated in a framework. There are some really nice frameworks out there that ship with built-in support for RedBeanPHP. Here is a brief overview of Frameworks that ship with RedBeanPHP:

Besides these frameworks, RedBeanPHP modules are available for various other frameworks like Code Igniter, Kohana, Laravel and Zend Framework. Please consult your framework provider for more details about these modules.


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