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Debug and log

RedBeanPHP offers excellent logging and debugging tools.


Sometimes you want to log what's going on in the adapter. This is known as query logging. Of course you could use a simple R::debug() but that just dumps all the queries directly on your screen which might not be exactly what you want. Maybe you want to write the logged queries to a file or analyze them directly. To start logging queries simply use:


This will create an instance of the default Query Logger plugin and return it. This also attaches an event listener to the database adapter. To obtain the current database adapter use: R::getDatabaseAdapter() or simply: R::$adapter. To get the logs:


This will return an array containing all the queries that have been processed since the logger has been attached to the adapter. For example, the output of R::nuke() on an SQLite database looks like this:

[0] => PRAGMA foreign_keys = 0
[1] => SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type='table' AND name!='sqlite_sequence';
[2] => drop table if exists bean
[3] => drop view if exists bean
[4] => PRAGMA foreign_keys = 1

You can also search for specific queries with grep():


The code above will return an array of all queries containing the word 'DROP'. Finally, to clear the logs use:


Manual Logging

You can write your own query logger by extending the Query Logger class:

class MyLogger extends RedBean_Plugin_QueryLogger { .. }

Attach the logger like this:

->addEventListener('sql_exec',new MyLogger);

This will add your own logger as an event listener / observer to the adapter. Your logger will listen for the event with id 'sql_exec'. Make sure you implement the onEvent() method defined in the QueryLogger class.


The RedBeanPHP debugger displays all queries on screen. Activate the debugger using the R::debug() function:


To turn the debugger off:



Sometimes its useful to know whether a bean has been modified or not. The current state of the bean is stored in a Meta property called tainted. To get the state of the bean use:


If the bean has been modified this will return boolean TRUE, otherwise it will return FALSE.


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