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This is the RedBeanPHP privacy statement. RedBeanPHP, part of Gabor Software respects your privacy. As of April 1 2018 the new Gabor Software Privacy Policy (GSPP18) has been activated.


The GSPP18 complies with GDPR laws but goes much further. GSPP18 is a framework and system designed to respect your privacy in a much more fundamental way. This website now implements the new GSPP18 guidelines. GSPP18 consists of the following features (since this is a generic privacy framework, we refers to the site owner or owners):

  • We respect your privacy
  • We do not log ANY information about you*
  • We do not place ANY cookies, not a single one
  • We do not track you using localStorage
  • We do not track you using in-browser databases
  • We do not track you using 3rd-party cookies
  • We do not track you using images, tracking pixels, flash, (i)frames or Java Applets
  • We do not track you in any way
  • We do not allow our website to establish connections with other sites without your knowledge
  • We offer an encrypted connection in some way or another
  • We are not responsible for any privacy issues on linked websites but we ensure that you can download the main content from this website and therefore there should be no need to visit external websites for that reason
  • If for some reason you believe we have personal information about you, you can contact us at: gabordemooij at gaborsoftware dot nl and file a request to remove that personal data from our systems

* the only exception to this rule is that we may temporarily log your IP-address in our server logs and firewall log to monitor the quality of our servers and protect our servers from attacks.

If you feel this website breaks one of the GSPP18 guidelines please inform us as soon as possible. You can apply the GSPP18 to your own website by copying the text above and replace the e-mail address of the webmaster with your own.

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