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Love the RedBeanPHP Project? Why not support it? By becoming a premium RedBeanPHP member you support the Open Source project and keep it sustainable. You can buy a 1 year membership for only € 39,- membership includes:

  • 1 year Priority status in the issue tracker on Github **.
  • Your company logo on the RedBeanPHP pages. Your company will be listed as an official RedBeanPHP partner (maximum size 200x100).
  • You support the development and maintenance of your favourite Object Relational Mapping technology.

* the membership expires automatically after 1 year. So if you buy in august 2018 it will be valid until august 2019.
** priority status means your ticket will be on top of the queue, but it does not ensure that feature requests or pull requests are accepted. It just means your ticket will be processed before the others.

Premium Project Membership € 39,- ( ± $47 depending on rates )
excl. VAT


(In case the button does not work: it's just an e-mail link to gabordemooij, at gaborsoftware dot nl)

Enterprise Support Contract

Besides the Premium Support you can also contact me for enterprise support contracts. Select the enterprise package if you are interested in:

  • phone/chat support
  • on-premise support / training
  • development of custom drivers (Oracle, MSSQL, DB2)
  • development of custom plugins
  • RedBeanPHP integration in enterprise systems
  • RedBeanPHP migrations/upgrades

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