2012-11-16: V 3.3.7

2012-11-16: V 3.3.6

2012-11-01: V 3.3.5

2012-10-11: V 3.3.4

2012-10-11: V 3.3.3

2012-10-05: V 3.3.2

2012-10-04: V 3.3.1

2012-10-01: V 3.3

2012-06-27 - RedBeanPHP 3.2.3:

Type of ChangeDescription
FixFixed issue causing some columns not to get indexed

Note: this update might cause so duplicate indexes, please check your database after freezing and remove redundant indexes (use the less specific/shortest index).

2012-06-21 - RedBeanPHP 3.2.2:

Type of ChangeDescription
FixFixed issue with large integers in CUBRID driver

2012-05-01 - RedBeanPHP 3.2.1:

Type of ChangeDescription
Changeadded CUBRID to replica.xml
FixFixed naming convention details for CUBRID driver

2012-05-01 - RedBeanPHP 3.2:

Type of ChangeDescription
FeatureBoxing and Unboxing beans
FeatureR::findAll() to eliminate queries like R::find('1 ORDER BY ..);
FeatureR::find() should accept a Query Helper object as well
FeatureTimeLine plugin (Schema altering log), R::log()
FeatureR::dependencies() changes foreign key constraints to cascade on delete
FeatureCUBRID driver
FeaturePostgres geometrical types
FeatureR::isoDate and R::isoDateTime
FeatureSQLHelper queries may contain spaces
FeatureChill Mode
FeatureR::related($array,'page'); get multiple many-to-many at once
FeatureFUSE Dependency injection
FeatureSupport for BIG INT primary keys
FeatureAdded R::taggedAll($type,$taglist) to find all beans having all tags in $taglist
FeatureAdded DuplicationManager and TagManager, no API changes
FeatureAdapter now has clear error reporting
FeatureInput validation R::related
FeatureStore() and Trash() now also accept models
FixDup() no longer taints the bean
Fixreset capture mode in SQLHelper
FixRefactored OODB to improve testability
FixR::close() now resets connection flag properly

2011-10-01 - RedBeanPHP 3.1:

Type of ChangeDescription
FeatureSupport for Postgres datetime
FeatureR::close() - closes database connection
FeatureModel_Formatter getModelName($model,$bean) now gets a bean

RedBeanPHP 3.0.4:

Type of ChangeDescription
FixFixed issue in R::dup() Nullifying Ids after preloaded lists

RedBeanPHP 3.0.3:

Type of ChangeDescription
FixFixed issue in R::dependencies()

RedBeanPHP 3.0.2:

Type of ChangeDescription

RedBeanPHP 3.0.1:

Type of ChangeDescription
FixFixed issue in R::dup()

RedBeanPHP 3.0:

Type of ChangeDescription
FeatureSupport for special, DB specific data types like DATE, DATETIME and SPATIAL types
FeatureMix SQL with PHP
FeatureNew Test Architecture
FeatureFind() works with PostgreSQL without the need for first argument as WHERE
FeatureR::graph($requestArray) - directly from facade
FeatureA little REST support in BeanCan Server (more will follow)
FeatureR::dup() - replaces copy, makes a deep copy of a bean, properly and without storing.
Featurenew R::exportAll, exports all own-list, automatic recursion protection
Featurerelaxed interface model formatter
Featureyou can now unset parent objects using $bean->parent = null/false
FeatureR::graph() has 2nd parameter to filter empty beans
Feature$bean->isEmpty(), returns TRUE if all the properties are empty
FeatureR::graph() now throws exceptions in case of unexpected structure
FixFALSE is stored as 0 in SQLite now
FixUnrelated no longer triggers error when there are no associations at all
FixR::findOne now returns NULL instead of FALSE - seems more appropriate
FixRemoved 3rd param in Exception to avoid issues with PHP 5.2 and earlier
RemovedOld cooker (now in plus-pack)
RemovedR::setupMultiple() - use R::addDatabase() instead
RemovedR::relatedOne() - use R::related() instead
RemovedFacade Helper - never going to work: features for OO purists
RemovedLegacy Tag API - the explode() hell
RemovedBy default Bean Exporter plugin no longer loaded, not in all-in-one
RemovedBean Formatter you can NO LONGER customize database schema (because it breaks things)

RedBeanPHP 2.2.3:

Type of ChangeDescription
FixFixed issue FUSE models dont process nested beans
FixAdded data type LONG TEXT for MySQL

RedBeanPHP 2.2.2:

Type of ChangeDescription
FeatureR::$adapter->getAffectedRows() now also works with get()
FixFixed incompatibility issue lcfirst for PHP 5.2

RedBeanPHP 2.2.1:

Type of ChangeDescription
FixFixed minor issue with indirect modification of nested beans. (issue #100)

RedBeanPHP 2.2:

Type of ChangeDescription
FeatureAdded R::nuke() - nukes entire database
FeatureAdded R::prefix('cms_') - installs table prefix in one command
FixCleaned whitespaces
FixRemoved some old unused code
FixFixed uppercase issue in PostgreSQL View Driver
FixFixed issue in old 1.3 style Cooker concerning 0-values (empty-check)
FixFixed explicit aliasing issue for old SQLite versions (midnightmonster/patch-1)

RedBeanPHP 2.1.1 contains a 'change of mind'. Changed default action of foreign keys from NO ACTION to SET NULL. This has the following advantages:
1. People not interested in FKs will not be bothered by intigrity violations.
2. People interested in FKs have the opportunity to configure them at one moment; the right moment: when leaving fluid mode.
3. Development scenarios and cleaning actions don't interfere with foreign keys.
4. Uncommon scenarios will not clash with foreign keys as well (these are likely in fluid mode, import scripts, tests etc).

RedBeanPHP 2.1 is a minor release and contains some new features as well as some bugfixes. Here is a list. Note that this release IS backwards compatible with RedBeanPHP 2.

Type of ChangeDescription
FeatureAdded R::genSlots($arr) - generates slots for array
FeatureAdded $bean->exportToObj( $obj ) - will add the bean properties to $obj
FeatureAdded R::exportAllToObj( $beans, $classname ) - will add the bean properties to instances of $classname
FeatureAdded R::exportAll($beans,TRUE); - will export beans recursive (for use with EXTJS for instance)
FeatureAdded RedBean_Exporter class, for more control over recursive exports
FeatureAdded R::addTags() - adds tags without removing the old ones (thanks to Palicao)
FixFixed an issue in SQLite that prevented columns in tables with custom ID fields to be widened
FixRemoved triggers from SQLite, now uses foreign key constraints
FixForeign key constraints will now be created correctly for tables with multiple keys as well
FixFixed an issue that prevented the use of camelCase in own- and shared- properties (still not recommended, bad practice)
FixFixed some issues in documentation
FixFixed an issue concerning own/shared property and trash/delete hook (#90)

New in 2.0

RedBeanPHP 2.0 makes ORM even easier and more fun! RedBeanPHP 2.0 has been released on August 1 and contains the following improvements:

Support for N:1 relations
On-the-fly Views
Improved Tag API
Automatic constraints to keep link tables clean
Automatic foreign key generation
New and improved Form Cooker
Bean2JSON when casting a bean to a string
New flexbible architecture
Clean up (less than 100KB now!)
Many other improvments, bugfixes and tests…

For actual information about the latest beta testing for RedBeanPHP ORM for PHP, consult the beta testing page.

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